UKFin+ Spotlight

Financial Inclusion – May to November 2024

Our first spotlight is on Financial Inclusion, running from May to November 2024.

The hurdles obstructing financial inclusion in relation to digital technologies are complex and multifaceted. From widening access to banking services and closing the digital divide to enhancing financial literacy and tackling regulatory barriers, we face an array of challenges that require further research to understand how to address them and innovative solutions that build on these.

We believe that by bringing academia and industry together we can harness the transformative power of technology to empower marginalised communities, foster trust, and pave the way for a more inclusive financial future. Collaborative research can also help us understand the potential for harm and the unexpected implications of new digital innovations on vulnerable groups, and how we might mitigate these.

Our spotlight on Financial Inclusion is bringing attention to these issues, and more, related to this topic. During this period, while our funding remains open to all applications, we will prioritise fostering connections and supporting collaborations that promote financial inclusion. We’re hosting workshops (see our report on our Financial Inclusion and Digital Technologies Collaboration Workshop) to foster collaborations between academia and industry, and sharing challenges from industry partners working on financial inclusion for academics to be responsive to.

Latest spotlight activity: