What is a Spotlight?

The UKFin+ network is open to funding and exploring wicked problems across the whole spectrum of financial service contexts, challenges and issues. However, we have recognised that there are specific topics which we have a critical mass of academics and industry already engaged in tackling, but where some more work is needed to join experts up to develop collaborations.

Spotlights are our response to this. We will be running a series of Spotlights over the remaining duration of the UKFin+ network, to put a metaphorical spotlight on topics in the run up to our bi-annual funding deadlines. Over the six months before a deadline we will host collaborative workshops, try to broker collaborations, and support grant applications to our schemes around the Spotlight topic.

We’re currently experimenting with this through our first Spotlight on Financial Inclusion. If you’re looking to submit to our deadlines on topics outside the current Spotlight, then please do not worry. We will remain open to proposals that are focused on areas outside this as well.