Funding FAQ

Where can I find call guidance? 

Call guidance will be available via our website, and all network members will be notified when funding calls are released.

How can I find a partner to work with? 

The partners who have agreed to work with UKFin+ are listed here.

Do I have to work with a partner already supporting the project? 

No, you can apply to collaborate with any partner. Many HEIs have teams who provide support to engage with industry locally, and applicants are encouraged to seek their support at any early stage. The UKFin team is not able to find industry partners for potential applicants at the present time.

How can I prepare before the funding calls open? 

The best funding applications come from teams where there is mutual benefit from research that will deliver tangible benefits to the non-HEI partner aligned to their organisational aims, and an effective working relationship. New collaborations will be funded and innovative ways of working are encouraged. All applications will need to evidence effective collaboration through a strong partner support letter that clearly articulates the mutual benefit, scope for the research to address their challenges and what the partner will offer.

Can I apply as an Early Career Researcher?

Yes, applications will be accepted for researchers at all career stages. The panel will expect to see mentoring arrangements appropriate to both the lead applicant’s career stage and experience of working in collaboration with non-HEI partners to deliver funded research.

How will funding decisions be made? 

Funding decisions will be taken by an expert panel, in line with the project’s statement on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and the published selection criteria. Click here for more information on selection criteria.

Can non-HEI partners directly apply for funding?

Applications must be led by an individual who has a substantive relationship with an HEI or UKRI approved research organisation.

Any further questions? 

If you have any questions regarding the funding opportunities available from the UKFin+ network please contact [email protected]

Please follow this link to read the full details of how to apply for funding