Fintech North launches digital sandbox and Fintech marketplace

FinTech North is delighted to be working in partnership with global digital sandbox provider NayaOne, which sees the two organisations build a dedicated marketplace for Northern FinTechs to showcase their capabilities, access datasets and test ideas.

Fintech North

The platform launched last summer, allowing the Fintech North community to collaborate, build products and find customers. The platform is free of charge for members of the Fintech North community and is a fantastic resource for regional collaboration.

Northern FinTechs and financial services corporates will benefit in two main ways:

1. Access publicly available real and synthetic datasets via the NayaOneData Marketplace.

2. Access APIs and potential partners via the new FinTech North marketplace, and NayaOne’s Enterprise Marketplace – the largest FinTech product and service marketplace in Europe.

For further information on the marketplace and to sign up to be a member, please visit the Fintech North website

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