Birmingham Launch Roundtable Session

Futures Thinking

During our Birmingham launch event, Professor John Vines one of the Directors of UKFin+ ran a roundtable activity called ‘Futures Thinking’: A structured approach to understanding the landscape of potential futures to guide better decision-making in the present.


There are many possible ‘futures


We can influence these futures


It’s our responsibility to think long-term


Our assumptions flow into the future(s)

Futures Triangle

Source: Sohail Inayatullah

Pull of the future

Values, beliefs, visions, and images that attract, seduce, or pull you towards this future(s).

These could be positive or negative, and visions can be competing for attention and sway

Weight of history

Cultural characteristics, social norms, structural barriers, regulations, and laws of physics that hold back or limit the speed or reach of a possible future

Push of the present

Trends, policies, and forces driving change in the direction of your issue.

These pushes are not inevitable, but they are highly likely or influential. They’re the wind at the back of your issue.

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