UKFin+ Birmingham Launch

On the 4th of July UKFin+ launched in Birmingham with a terrific event at The Exchange. Our photographer Amy from Creative Media at the University of Birmingham did a brilliant job of capturing some of the highlights. The event commenced with an overview of UKFin+ EPSRC funded Network Plus on FinTech in the UK by … Read more

The EPSRC attends UKFin+ launch

UKFin+ is funded by UK Research and Innovation through the Financial Services NetworkPlus Fund as part of the Building Research Communities with the UK financial services programme. Grant reference: EP/W034042/1. We were pleased to have representatives from our funders join us at our launch events. We asked for a quote from Stephen Webb, our Project … Read more

What is a wicked problem?

UKFin+ is a £2.5M programme of funding, tackling wicked problems in financial services. But what is a wicked problem? ‘Wicked problem‘ is a term first coined in the 1960s/70s to describe problems that are resistant to solutions. These wicked problems cannot be solved, only managed through working together. UKFin+ will distribute funding to researchers and … Read more

AI and Data Science Conversion Masters Scholarships at the University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham is offering 120 awards of £10,000 to upskill UK students from non-STEM and far-STEM degrees to progress into the AI and Data Science workforce. Scholarship funding will be prioritised for women, Black students, disabled students and those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, to ensure that AI reflects the makeup of our society. … Read more

The Exchange: a history in banking

This beautiful example of monumental municipal masonry was originally a bank, built in 1933 as the headquarters of the City Council’s Savings bank. The bank was established in 1916 by Neville Chamberlain, an active member of the University’s Court and the son of its first Chancellor, Joseph. The Birmingham Municipal Bank was the first of … Read more

The Conversation article:

“Buy now pay later: Klarna is courting young shoppers with Paris Hilton and TikTok-style algorithms – here’s why it’s a problem” The rise of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) credit sees around 30% of the UK population now using BNPL services. However, new marketing strategies adopted by Klarna have caused concerns around underplaying overconsuming and borrowing … Read more

Registration is now open for UKFin+ launch events!

Exciting news! Registration is now open for both UKFin+ launch events! Join us for one of two incredible events: a workshop in Birmingham and a drinks reception in London the following day. Connect with industry leaders, academics, and researchers in the financial services and fintech space, and be part of the solution to wicked problems in the … Read more

Fintech North launches digital sandbox and Fintech marketplace

Fintech North launches digital sandbox and Fintech marketplace

The platform launched last summer, allowing the Fintech North community to collaborate, build products and find customers. The platform is free of charge for members of the Fintech North community and is a fantastic resource for regional collaboration. Northern FinTechs and financial services corporates will benefit in two main ways: 1. Access publicly available real … Read more

Professor Karen Elliot attends CFIT Launch Event

Professor Karen Elliot attends CFIT Launch Event

Professor Karen Elliot, one of the Co-Is for UKFin+ attended the launch of the Centre for Finance, Innovation and Technology (CFIT) on the 27th of February. “CFIT was set up following the Kalifa Review of Fintech (2021) to position the United Kingdom as a global leader in financial innovation. CFIT’s purpose is to unblock barriers … Read more