The EPSRC attends UKFin+ launch

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UKFin+ is funded by UK Research and Innovation through the Financial Services NetworkPlus Fund as part of the Building Research Communities with the UK financial services programme. Grant reference: EP/W034042/1.

We were pleased to have representatives from our funders join us at our launch events. We asked for a quote from Stephen Webb, our Project Officer from the EPSRC, who shared his impressions on the launch and the progress of the project so far.

The launch was excellent. The presentations by Ez Britton and Ed Twiddy were very interesting and it was a fascinating panel discussion that followed. There was a really good mix of attendees, not just from financial services and academic institutions but also people from smaller organisations and charities whose input during the networking and the roundtable session made for lively discussion. I also enjoyed meeting members of the UKFIN+ team in person for the first time, and their enthusiasm for the networkplus shone through.

EPSRC covers a broad remit and while a large proportion of its portfolio covers engineering and physical sciences, digital resilience and information technology are becoming increasingly prominent and developing the networkplus scheme helps to keep in touch with developments and research in these fields. The networkplus scheme aims to help researchers and scientists help each other by developing a network of people and organisations with shared interests. UKFIN+ has clearly taken this on board and looks well organised for the duration of its funding.

Thank you to our fantastic funders, the project would not be possible without the EPSRC’s support. We look forward to working with industry and academics in the coming years and months to further build the network and to start distributing funding to help solve wicked problems in financial services and fintech.

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