Announcement: UKFin+ Financial Inclusion Spotlight

UKFin+ Financial Inclusion Spotlight banner

UKFin+ is an EPSRC-funded network connecting academic research to technological innovation within the UK financial services industry. Our primary goals are to foster connections, fund collaborations, communicate our findings, and coordinate a national research agenda.

Our vision is a financial services market that offers a wide range of competitive, trusted, and socially relevant financial services, leveraging technological advancements to their fullest potential.

From May to November 2024, UKFin+ will have a spotlight on financial inclusion. We have received significant interest from academic researchers and organisations committed to making UK financial services more inclusive and accessible to individuals across society.

During this period, while our funding remains open to all applications, we will prioritise fostering connections and supporting collaborations that promote financial inclusion.

Our current plans for the financial inclusion spotlight include:

  1. Convening engaging conversations on financial inclusion, such as organising a ‘wicked lunch’ to debate current challenges and identify potential wicked problems that UKFin+ can address.
  2. Partnering with the FCA tech sprint to provide an opportunity for participants to further develop their prototype products and services.
  3. Issuing a ‘challenge call’ to industry and charity partners focused on financial inclusion, inviting academic researchers to propose solutions to the identified challenges.
  4. Hosting a co-creation workshop specifically designed for financial inclusion, in collaboration with key stakeholders. The workshop aims to connect academic researchers with industry and charity partners working in this area. Sign up here

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